Sydney label Rare Finds have made themselves very much at home at the Sly Fox

Recent times have seen the death and resurrection of many venues and beloved indie nights in Sydney. It’s constantly being talked about and the imminent “death of live music” spiel has been on everyone’s lips since pub rock went out of fashion. But as one head is chopped off, another grows and live music prospers once again.

Nights like Visions in Sydney have been killing it recently, showcasing some of the best local bands once a month at venues around the city, generally getting perry loose before they fizzle out in the wee hours. This time it is thanks to the folk from Sydney based music blog/PR company Rare Finds who have taken over Enmore’s Sly Fox and made it their own with a monthly indie music night. Last Friday was their second gig and it was a cracker.


Sydney label Rare Finds have started something pretty awesome with their monthly indie music night at Enmore’s Sly Fox.

There are few DJs in Sydney who possess the musical eloquence and air of prosperity of a Melbourne vinyl soiree. Not to rag on Sydney, but true DJ talent in general is rare. Nick Mckenzie of Visions / Deep Sea Arcade and an unidentified friend brought the tunes, hard. They got me spinnin on the D-floor with a mate long before the bands began. When Jeremy and I took the floor, all others were out. We did our best Romy and Michelle rendition – thanks Nick.  They swung the oldies, brought the newies and laid down the sweaty beats. Perfect start to the night.

Following the opening DJ set, triple J Unearthed winners Polish Club took to the stage, throwing musical punches with their heavy garage riffs and punchy vocals. They were loud. Real loud. I was left questioning, what kind of indie night was this? One minute I’m dancing to ABBA, the next, my heart is being pulled into the direction of some soulful punkers. What was going on?

Sea Legs followed, after having completed  a massive 12-months of playing alongside bands like The Growlers, British India, Jebediah and The Griswolds. What were they doing playing for us peasants? Their track Take a Little for Yourself helped encourage me to, I don’t know, become a better person? I was inspired by their syncopated beats and synth grooves. Alexa approved.

The gig was headlined by a band called Hey Geronimo, which has nothing to do with the Sheppard song, Hey Geronimo, although it was fun to stand outside the venue yelling “Hey Geronimo! Hey Geronimo!” every time I heard the band name. This Aussie band claimed the title first, apparently. I really loved their attitude. They especially typified the quintessential Sydney indie band. Beach-Babin riffs, ciggie-smokin rude boys. I fell in love to say the least.

Rare Finds is on the last weekend of every month at the Sly Fox in Enmore, and yep, it’s free.