Rare Finds are kicking off 2018 with a monthly East Coast tour soaked in undiscovered indie talent

With 2018 on the horizon, the highly anticipated string of summer festivals and live music events are so close, you can smell them.

Choccaz with your favourite artists, the new year promises a colourful spectrum of live music with fresh, emerging talent from boutique festivals, sideshows and anything in between.

But we reckon this one’s gonna be extra special.

Operating since 2011 with a client list that sketches Megan Washington, Dune Rats, The Lulu Raes, Cub Sport and WHARVES, Rare Finds are all about the undiscovered Aussie talent.

Continuing the support for up and coming talent and dedication to showcasing some of Australia’s most promising, Rare Finds is the Sydney-based boutique PR & artist management company that have just announced a new East Coast touring circuit.

Kicking things off in January 2018 accompanied by a monthly, consecutive string of East Coast shows, the new circuit is jam-packed with Aussie talent and promises a carefully curated lineup of indie acts.

Having previously run gigs across Brisbane and Sydney, this is the next progressive step for Rare Finds. With the intention of creating a strong live music scene with a ready-made audience, Rare Finds hope the tour will act as a significant platform for bands trying to make it.

We all know what it’s like for a band starting out, and it’s not unlikely the only audience members at live shows are generally just friends and family. The promise of a live following is often a problem faced by many bands, artists, managers and agents during the beginning of an act’s career, which is why the new touring platform is revolutionary.

With crowds consisting of music industry experts, trend setters and local indie music lovers, Rare Finds hopes to act as a foot in the door for emerging bands whilst putting on a seriously awesome string of performances at the same time.

The event is hosted by Oporto and Pilerats with support from Mountain Goat Beer and Arthur St. Studios, with the first circuit set to run in Queensland. Headlining the show will be Sunshine Coast-based artist, Ayla, whose forthcoming EP was produced by Ball Park Music‘s Sam Cromack. Currently performing to sold out crowds as a support act for Kim Churchill on his Weight Falls album tour, Ayla is definitely one to watch.

Ayla will be supported by the likes of Royal & The Southern Echo, Asha Jefferies and DJ Tom Bloomfield in Brisbane, Otious, Magnets and British India DJ’s in Melbourne, and Aikonawena, The Longboys and Rare Finds DJ’s in Sydney.

See the lineup and dates below, and hit up Moshtix to purchase tickets.

w/ Ayla, Royal & The Southern Echo, Asha Jefferies and DJ Tom Bloomfield

w/ Ayla, Otious, Magnets and British India DJ’s
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w/ Ayla, Aikonawena, The Longboys and Rare Finds DJ’s