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PREMIERE: Find breezy rock and ’90s nostalgia in The Campbell Apartment’s latest offering The Mirror

Named after a closed down bar hidden within the depths of New York’s Grand Central Station, The Campbell Apartment are a ’90s inspired alternative-rock three piece emerging from the picturesque, seaside city of San Francisco.

the campbell apartment

The Campbell apartment is the result of Russian-born vocalist and guitarist Ari Vais joining forces with bassist Kevin Frank and drummer Steve Mathews to cultivate breezy rock tunes rich with nostalgia.

With three impressive albums already under their belt, The Campbell Apartment are currently working on a fourth, already accumulating radio play on the few tracks they have dropped ahead of its release.

Fresh new jam The Mirror is the trio’s latest offering, nostalgic to R.E.M, early Weezer and The Clash.

The Campbell Apartment are extremely easy to listen to, with The Mirror no exception to the rule. Walking a continuous line of emotional, vulnerable lyricism blended with a catchy melody and upbeat tempo, the new track eases you in and immediately lifts you up. Despite touching on a deeper subject lyrically, The Mirror is a sonically optimistic offering from the Russian-American trio, carrying the listener down a melodic, guitar driven chorus.

From start to finish, The Mirror is a contented flow of vocal harmonies, acoustic twang and guitar solos. It encourages the listener to look for deeper meaning, with occasionally humorous lyrics like, “You can’t get clean by just standing in the shower.”

The Mirror is a passionate, easy-listening offering from the ever-talented three-piece, who I’m surprised haven’t emerged into the Australian music scene before now. With their previous work reminiscent of ’90s pop-rock with a hint of punk, it’s hard not to be instantly infatuated by their unique and nostalgic sound.

The band’s most recent record accumulated massive amounts of positive feedback in the US and was even compared to being the Rumours of the decade, making The Campbell Apartment more than likely one to keep an eye out for.


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October 26, 2017