Brian Eno collaborates with My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields for an awe-inspiring ambient jam

Here’s a collaboration I never knew I needed: My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields and Brian Eno have worked together on Only Once Away My Son, the latest from Adult Swim’s 52-week Singles series.

And so we finally have an answer to the question; what happens when a forefather of shoegaze teams up with a forefather of ambient? The track definitely harbours threads from both heroes, yet I’m inclined to say it’s more Eno than Shields.

brian eno kevin shields my bloody valentine

Brian Eno and Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine have crossed paths in the best of circumstances: putting together a miraculous 9-minute single for Adult Swim.

Only Once Away My Son feels like one continuous movement, which is categorical of Eno’s most recent work. Yet there’s a consistent drone which adds a sense of foreboding, or unease to the track which definitely feels like Shields’ hand at play.

The native single is annoyingly blocked in Australia, so if you happen to use a VPN you can access it here. Otherwise listen on Soundcloud below:

Via Fact Mag.