Sydney psychedelic 7 piece Salvador Dali Llama drop video for I Want You

Pure traditionalists at heart, Sydney psych rockers Salvador Dali Llama have just dropped their epic, tripped out, six-minute insight into the band’s studio life with their new video for I Want You.

i want you

The seven piece are an amalgamation of all things that have persevered from the golden era of psychedelia, born in the wrong age. Their bio says it best: “If Stevie Knicks and Jerry Garcia had a baby who then grew up and fooled around with Grace Slick’s illegitimate love child to produce another generation in the psychedelic love circle it would be Salvador Dali Llama.”

Their latest offering is a video for I Want You, a single they dropped not too long ago. It’s everything you’d expect from these modern day flower children – all black and white contrasts, trippy visuals, studio rambunctiousness, shot while the band were in Byron Bay recording at the famed Studios 301.

The band have an EP in the works, keep an eye out in 2016 for another dish of dreamy psych rock.