Sydney is getting a massive rainbow path to celebrate the legalisation of gay marriage

Sydney is set to get a rainbow path in Prince Alfred Park to commemorate where thousands celebrated the legalisation of gay marriage.

Almost three years after the result of the marriage equality vote in Australia, a rainbow path is being proposed for a park in inner Sydney, at the location where thousands of people gathered to celebrate the historic win for gay marriage.

Prince Alfred Park is set to get a fabulous makeover, honouring the 2017 amendment that occurred on November 15 – and with the area recently being renamed the Equality Green, a rainbow pathway seems only fitting.

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Photo: @CloverMoore

The official result saw a historical progression in the acceptance of the LGBTQI community in Australia, and sure made a lot of Australians proud that day.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said in a press release, “This is a permanent tribute to the moment where more than 30,000 Sydneysiders gathered together to hear the results of the marriage equality postal survey in 2017.”

The press release continues, “The path will represent both the progress we have made towards equality and the long way to go before our LGBTIQ communities are free of discrimination.”

The path will follow on from the installation of a rainbow crossing in Darlinghurst late last year which serves as a tribute to the gay communities in the area.

The idea was put together by the Surry Hills Creative Precinct and the City of Sydney website is now open to suggestions from Sydneysiders on how they want the path to look.