The Sydney Symphony Orchestra teams up once again with Meg Washington

Get set for a unique symphonic experience as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra collaborates once more with Meg Washington for two special performances at the Sydney Town Hall in February 2024.

Meg Washington, the songstress who’s scooped up a whopping three ARIA Awards and bagged ten nominations, is no stranger to pushing musical boundaries. Her 2020 masterpiece, “Batflowers” stands as a testament to her fearless experimentation.

She gives us a fresh taste of her boldness in her recently-released live rendition of ‘Catherine Wheel’, recorded in a 2017 concert with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

meg washington sso batflower

Released just this month, this version of ‘Catherine Wheel’ clocks in at a heart-wrenching seven minutes. It’s a soul-stirring marriage of Meg’s jazz-infused vocals and the symphonic prowess of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. The collaboration is nothing short of explosive, breathing new life into an already breathtaking revelation.

The collaboration is mesmerising, as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra adds a subtle drama to every moment of the track. Vulnerable, exposed, and captivating, it’s a testament to Meg’s songwriting and vocal versatility. The result? A classic masterpiece emitting fumes of brilliance.

This 2024 concert with the Sydney Symphony promises more moments of genre-bending inspiration just like this. And you won’t just hear ‘Catherine Wheel,’ you will also hear the songs that made her famous, including ‘Lazarus Drug’, ‘Kiss Me Like You’re Going to Die’ and ‘Skeleton Key’.

Meg’s songwriting has always been insightful, heartfelt and powerful, and combined with the might of the Sydney Symphony those qualities will be bigger and clearer than ever before.

‘Catherine Wheel’ is the perfect example of what to expect from these concerts. Lifted from Washington’s third album, “Batflowers”, it showcases her ability to navigate courageously across genres.

Meg Washington’s musical prowess shines through in “Batflowers” an album that blends pop, electronic, and alternative influences into a dazzling symphony of sound. 

Tracks like ‘Not A Machine’ showcase delicate and nuanced electronica, while ‘Paradise Lost’ delivers a slow-burning, sentimental journey through time.

In a world that often demands conformity, “Batflowers” is Meg’s stamp of individuality. It’s a daring exploration of self, a declaration that art can be a deeply personal expression without succumbing to the pressure of assimilation.

Meg Washington’s music transcends boundaries, and the live collaboration with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra is a testament to the magic that happens when two musical forces collide.

And when it comes to reigning supreme, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra has been on a roll, collaborating with a slew of contemporary artists throughout 2023, including Genesis Owusu, Mo’Ju, Birds of Tokyo, and Spinifex Gum.

They’ve also teamed up with the likes of Lea Salonga, Gurrumul, The Whitlams, Josh Pyke, Kate Miller-Heidke, and a bunch of others in the past.

For more information and tickets to the upcoming Sydney Symphony Orchestra concert with Meg Washington, visit their website.

Don’t miss the chance to witness this unique blend of contemporary songwriting and the full power of an orchestra live in the beautiful Sydney Town Hall in February 2024.