Sydney Underground Film Festival reveals its 2020 program in first-ever online edition

The Sydney Underground Film Festival (SUFF) is back for its 14th year – and this time they’re doing things a little differently. No stranger to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the festival has been adapted to run entirely online, offering a new experience for viewers across the country.

Running over ten days later in the year, the festival will offer some of the most inventive and experimental cinema the nation has seen – and all from the comfort of your own home.

The Sydney Underground Film Festival (SUFF) will run entirely online from the 10th until the 20th of September 2020.

It’s particularly important to support the arts and cinema sector in Australia at the moment as the financial impacts of the coronavirus have been widespread. Better yet, the festival has extremely affordable pricing, at $10 for a single ticket or $55 for access to the entire online festival. The director of the event, Katherine Berger, has expressed her sadness that the festival won’t be running in realtime.

“With so much uncertainty this year, sadly we were unable to forge ahead with a physical festival but felt it was important to stay connected to the film festival community,” she described. “It’s actually an exciting prospect to be able to offer a collection of short film programs to a worldwide audience.”

And an exciting festival it will be! The programme hosts an array of diverse plots, filmmakers, and concepts – all of which have now officially been listed on the SUFF website, where tickets are now also available for purchase.

“Returning to the Festival line up are the much-loved short film sessions OZPLOIT! (a focus on Australian short films), WTF! (shorts that will mess with your head), REALITY BITES (short documentaries), LSD FACTORY (mind-melting shorts), and LOVE/SICK (date night session? – or maybe not!) alongside two all-new programs: SH!T SCARED, dedicated to new horror shorts, and LATE NIGHT CARTOONS, a session showcasing whacked-out animations for grown-ups,” the festival describes.

After the success of the initial competition, the SUFF will also be re-offering a fab new addition to the event called the TAKE48 Film Challenge. Essentially the competition takes place for 48 hours from Friday 28 to Sunday 30 August and requires filmmakers to create and submit a film – with a SONY camera package up for grabs. As it is running online, the competition will also be open to international filmmakers.

Head over to the SUFF website for tickets and more information.