Coronavirus: growing concerns of a second wave ignite in NSW

From our first wave of COVID-19 to zero community transmissions, it seemed that NSW finally had the coronavirus under wraps.

Unfortunately, there are fears of a second wave around the corner with more than 200 cases in the last month. Apparently, people in their 20s are the biggest spreaders.

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With increasing numbers of cases, the NSW Premier has urged people to isolate and do the right thing to avoid a second COVID-19 spike.

At the moment, 107 cases have stemmed from the Thai Rock restaurant in Wetherill Park, 58 from the Crossroads Hotel, 50 are connected to a funeral, and 32 have been linked to the Potts Point area. On top of that, this week NSW revealed that a man in his 20s with COVID-19 visited seven restaurants, pubs, and a Woolworths within 48 hours. There are now concerns that this will lead to a cluster in the CBD and Inner West.

Today, NSW recorded nine new cases, two of which are in quarantine, four from known origins, and three with no known source.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian told Triple M  “try and modify the number of places that you go to… If you have the virus and you go out five times a week to different places you could potentially be spreading it to five different location, and then we have to trace everybody. We’re not saying don’t socialise or don’t go out at all, but we are saying please limit your behaviours just in the next few weeks.”

With NSW starting out the same way Victoria’s second wave did, it seems that everything we do right now is crucial for keeping NSW safe.