Sydney’s usually strict lockout laws will be lifted for New Year’s Eve

After a year that has been plagued by lockout laws and the closure of venues nation-wide, Sydney’s CBD has decided to lighten up for New Year’s Eve, lifting the usual curfew of 1.30am.


The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing has noted that this decision aims to prevent a large portion of the estimated one million people heading to the CBD for the event from swarming the streets after early venue closures. Although the curfew will be absent for this night only, some venues may still have to continue the cease of alcohol service after 3am.

OLGR acting executive director Samantha Torres explained in a statement “Removal of the lockout on New Year’s Eve only is a one-off annual exception that is in place due to the unique circumstances.”

“New Year’s Eve is unique because the main event around which celebrations are focused occurs at and after midnight. On no other occasion do we see such high volumes of people concentrated in the CBD precinct seeking access to venues at a time that coincides with the lockout.”