Synth duo Litany are the ace in the pop poker game

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Have you been to Harrogate, UK? Do you even know where that is? Don’t worry I had no idea either, until I came across the dynamic duo known as Litany. Comprised of Jake Nicolaides and Beth Cornell, the band seems to have come onto the scene a little over a year ago having now released four singles onto their SoundCloud page.

Their hook seems to rely heavily on the vocal styling of Cornell with Nicolaides bringing his own to the production side of things creating mixtures of smooth synth beats and chilled R&B rhythms to couple with Cornell’s dusky voice.

Litany Uk synth pop

Bieber has had his moment in the sun, it’s time to make room for the smooth pop hooks of Litany. All the proof you need lies in their latest Work This Out.

The 21 year olds claim Bieber to be their one and only influence into the pop industry but after listening to their earlier singles Slope and Look I would say that the hauntingly cool sounds that Nicolaides produces under the eerily mature voice of Cornell, hold much more depth and soul then anything the Biebs has come out with. With their unique sound I can see many collaborations in the future but so far they have one under their belt coupling with Appleby on their single Woman, which was released in June of 2015.

The duo has just released their newest piece by the name of Work This Out and it holds the same-echoed rhythm of the band’s older releases. The piece is more upbeat than their earlier stuff whilst still holding that smooth flow of electronic baselines and lush vocals. Unlike their earlier songs Work This Out leans away from the R&B feels and plays more into the crossroads of pop-synth giving you a catchy listen for your commute from work or a late night chill session at home.

The lyrics themselves while being quite simple are extremely on point and relevant to today’s culture the artwork speaks more to the 90s with the infamous Nokia 3310 displaying the key message in the song.

Work This Out is the fourth release by Litany and you can definitely see a development in their sound. The song is much more even and flows extremely well opposed to their earlier work. Cornell’s voice is much more prominent and clear, not as muffled by Nicolaides’ deep synth beats. It’s great to see such a big development in such a little time; the two are working hard to perfect their unique sound.

If you haven’t noted them down already I would do so quick smart. Litany is a pair of aces in the poker tournament that is the pop music scene. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

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