T. G. Shand shares the ultimate dreamy ladies playlist

Step into the textural feast of NZ’s newest dream-pop icon T. G. Shand, and the inspirations that informed the dreamy EP

We were very recently introduced to a world of sonic delight with T. G. Shand‘s latest creation, the ‘Cinnamon’ EP. A collection of swimming, sparkling grooves, and soundscapes that kind of feel like stripping off to go skinny dipping in Barbieland. Annemarie Duff’s production prowess shines as each track draws you further into its captivating embrace.

The journey begins with the hauntingly ethereal ‘Notions’, a mellow dive into a psychedelic realm of chill vibes. And then there’s ‘Cinnamon’ itself – oozing charismatic stylishness akin to a St. Vincent masterpiece, boasting a generous fusion of grit and energy that feels just right.

T. G. Shand

Hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Ōtautahi, New Zealand, T. G. Shand’s dreamy soundscapes are perfectly embodied in this lo-fi dream-pop project. The EP doesn’t just showcase her evolution, it propels it to new heights. From the sugary vocals of ‘Cinnamon’ to the weighty shoegaze numbers, and the entrancing electronic finale, this EP is a complete journey in itself.

Check out the official video for ‘Fatwood’ below:

Listening to the Cinnamon EP evokes such a colourful musical palette, and the work feels much like the cumulation of Annemarie’s love of dreamy music. T. G has put together a playlist of inspirations for us to enjoy, so grab yourself a marg, lie on some soft pillowy grass, and listen to your new go-to dreamy ladies’ playlist while the world spins around you.



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T.G. Shand’s Dreamy Gaze Ladies Playlist


I revisited an obsession with this song this year. It’s somehow surprising every time you listen to it, the structure is such a journey and some of the most beautiful melodies and progressions ever. Her vocals are just incredible, she’s been an influence for a very long time. 

She’s So Rad“Cool It”

A massive, bold, imaginative track, these guys make me proud to be a kiwi. Incredible songwriting and production. Really hope I get to see them live one day. This has been a favourite for years. 


Yearrrs ago when I was in a band called Miniatures in Melbourne, we were listening to a lot of Fait, and opened for one of their shows – we were so stoked! Her tracks are spacious, make you feel like you’re expanding, sound like sprawling soundtracks, and have been on my playlists for almost 10 years now!

Japanese Heart Software“Holiday”

Nat has such an amazing voice and style! This track is delicate and dark with progressions that make you float. I love her other project VIM too. 

Roku Music“Collider”

This thing is an anthem! Huge everything. The guitar is so driving but thoughtfully crafted and with the layered synth textures it somehow rides the wave of being a total banger but also having a really soulful delivery. 

Check out the playlist below, and listen to the Cinnamon EP