Wrapping up New Zealand Music Month with Happy’s favourite releases

From pumping pop bangers, to punky love songs, our New Zealand mates have outdone themselves.

While we can’t agree on Pavlova origins or who gets Russel Crowe, it’s undeniable that New Zealand has given us the music goods all month. Kiwi’s have been popping out stars for decades, and artists like Lorde, BROODS, and The Naked And Famous have been conquering the Australian charts for years.

So let’s say a big Kia Ora to some of the best new releases from indie bands, and big hitters as we wrap up New Zealand music month!

Sylvee EP 'Downpour' new zealand


International superstar BENEE served up a scientifically certified feast with BAGLES; the downtempo tonic for the generation with record-breaking levels of anxiety. The dreamy release is proven to lower levels of short-term anxiety, and was created in collaboration with neurologists at Auckland University of Technology

Georgia Lines

A clear standout from our friends across the Tasman is the completely infectious and glittery dance-pop release from Georgia Lines. ‘Monopoly’ is completely intoxicating, we dare you not to groove along to the kind of beat that’s on par with Prince.

Coast Arcade

Debuting with insane finesse, and fiery emotions, Coast Arcade‘s shimmering EP is a culmination of the band’s years-long presence on festival lineups and as support acts for a host of starry names. The teen-movie-nostalgia feeling is something this New Zealand band from Auckland have totally nailed, each track being a punky slice of summer love.

Benjamin Mack

The dynamic indie-pop release from Benjamin Mack is a creatively layered release, its exterior being a catchy and stylish ear-worm that blankets a message of emotional intensity. The playful balance of harsh and warm textures are an insight into the tracks message of navigating panic and fear that can linger under the surface.



Downpour is the eclectic release from powerhouse writer and vocalist Sylvee, and is a anthemic exploration of love, loss, and everything in between. The impassioned singer-songwriter holds nothing back in the 6-track release, giving us everything from power ballads to electro hard-hitters to facilitate her message of vulnerability and assertion.


The thematically complex and gorgeously grungy track from Dunedin group I.V.Y was a testament to exactly what our New Zealand neighbours are capable of. ‘Heartless’ is a powerful release that subverts your expectations, and provides an important groundwork for introspection and reflection, while also being a theatrical prog-rock banger of biblical proportions.

Lauren Gin

With the powerful vocals of Reshma, and an unrelenting stylishness, Lauren Gin dazzled us with her electro whirlwind ‘Flight’. Defined by its electronic basis, the single effortlessly blends pop structures with the kind of filthy-heavy drops you might hear on a Skrillex record.


Something Zesty

Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to Something Zesty, the irresistible and funktabular collaborative outfit of New Zealand’s finest creatives. The groovy ‘Funkatiers’ release is but a drop in the vast ocean of Isaac Chamberlains boundless experimentation, it’s zesty precision and charm being another outstanding contribution to a tapestry of their fantastic releases

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