Boo Seeka shares a playlist of bangers in celebration of the ‘Are You All In?’ release

A single, a support slot, and a playlist walk into a bar…

Coming off the back of a killer national tour, Aussie local legend Boo Seeka is delivering the goods with a hot new release, an epic support slot, and a deadly playlist to get you hyped for Seeka Season.

You’d assume a 24 show national tour would call for a holiday, but the prolific writer is far from slowing down and is instead riding the high of his catchy heater ‘Are You All In?’

Boo Seeka

Co-written by Boo, in collaboration with Luke Palmer (Jacob Lee, Dead Letter Circus) and Jay Bainbridge (Golding), ‘Are You All In?’ pulsates with precision-crafted beats, while showcasing Boo’s distinctive and hypnotic vocals.

The combination of meticulously composed rhythms and mesmerizing singing lures the listener into immersing themselves in Boo’s captivating soundscape.

“I’ve been working with Luke Palmer for a while now and we have a great rapport in the studio. He understands the vision for this record, and coming from a metal background, he brings some great ideas that I would never think of. 

Also, Jay Bainbridge who joined me on stage for Boo’s live sets sat in on many of these sessions, and helped build this track into what it is. It’s a Boo Seeka song, but it wouldn’t be what it is without these two wonderful musicians.”

Boo Seeka

The release is a perfect addition to the already addictive and sweat-inducing catalog from the artist, and is sure to make a home for itself on the big stage as Boo joins Boy & Bear for their national tour.

In celebration of the release, Boo Seeka has generously curated a festival favourites playlist, an absolutely packed list of songs that would have any crowd desperate to join the mosh.

The Strokes – You Only Live Once

This classic indie rock anthem is a perfect addition to any festival playlist, and a track that I’ve enjoyed jamming to.

Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better

Another classic that you can’t go wrong with. Dreamy, psychedelic and a funky bassline coupled with a soaring chorus create that euphoric feeling perfect for festivals.

Flume – Rushing Back (Feat. Vera Blue)

This all-Aussie collab is a huge inspiration for myself and always goes over well at festivals. I love Flume’s signature pulsing synths and Vera Blue’s heavenly vocals.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll

This indie-dance classic is a personal favourite. Perfect for dancing the night away at a festival!

Blink 182 – All The Small Things

This pop-punk classic is a song-along favourite that’ll always get a crowd pumped. It’s a track that’s perfect for driving to the festival or for after-parties and signing with your friends.

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.

One that never gets old! An infectious beat and catchy chorus makes this genre-bending hit a festival staple.

Coldplay – Paradise

This epic stadium pop-rock anthem is a perfect addition to any festival playlist. Just the thought of a whole festival singing the chorus gives me goosebumps!

Billie Eilish – Bad Guy

A standout hit from Billie’s debut album that’s perfect for singing along with mates

Outkast – Ms. Jackson

This classic hip-hop track is a perfect example of Outkast’s signature sound. The funky beat and memorable chorus create a vibe that’s perfect for getting down and dancing at a festival.

Phoenix – Lisztomania

Closing it off with another festival favourite, ‘Lisztomania’ brings that upbeat vibe you want at your pre-drinks!


Make sure to check out the fabulous new release ‘Are You All In?’ from Boo Seeka, and grab yourself tickets to see them rip up the stage with Boy & Bear