Taine Joso revolt against the system on their sophomore single ‘Riots’

On their latest single, Taine Joso champion autonomy and freedom from within the velvety walls of alt-rock.

We live in a time which sees our mistrust of authority growing by the second. As new information emerges and our reliance on the system slowly slips through our fingers, we are left in a state of purgatory: do we choose to live our lives according to our own rules or do we succumb to group mentality. On their sophomore single, Taine Joso sing an ode to the lost, those who are yet to make the choice.

Through irresistible riffs and platinum hooks, Riots casts the unspoken complexities of our modern world into a weather of feeling: one that allows us to see each of its individual faults. It is an alt-rock opus of divergence sung from within familiar chaos.

taine joso

Formed in 2018 by frontman Taine Josephson, drummer Daniel Trochei, guitarist Alex Wilton, and bassist Chris Allen, Taine Joso have made their talent for songwriting undeniable. You just have to look to their latest track Riots for proof. The single opens softly, sweeping in with haunting riffs that are drenched in agitation. As an air-tight rhythm section enters, an urgency becomes apparent in Josephson’s vocal line.

The first few minutes of the track are left to simmer, like a ticking time bomb that patiently waits for its chorus to finally erupt. Interestingly enough, Josephson’s vocals don’t follow the intensity of the instrumental section, retaining the same mournful cadence and allowing his lyrical nuance to deepen further.

Sonically, Riots combines the angst of Soundgarden with the sonic ambition of Led Zeppelin. They manage to create a sound that is bloodcurdling, ethereal, and utterly hypnotising all in one. From its glistening start to its finish, Riots is a track that isn’t afraid to grip society by the jugular.

“Riots symbolises standing firm and indifferent to the external threats and anxieties that lurk around society attempting to revert our rational minds back toward our primal instincts,” the band explain. “To be a flowing river that is not tarnished nor discoloured by the mud of despotic fervour and deceptive uproar.”

“To let your own currents, disintegrate these distractions and continue with the course of your waters. To be at peace with yourself so that you may be awake and alert to the manipulative ways in which corporations, governments and even individuals act to further their own interests via both your complacency and your oblivious consent.”

At its core, Riots is a six-minute revolt that disintegrates everything we thought we knew about our society’s structures. Rich, poignant, and impossibly detailed, it is a song for the ages.

Check it out below: