TALIA delivers a majestic pop anthem in War on Love

TALIA is not looking back with her empowering new single War On Love, a testament to overcoming the throes of an abusive relationship.

The sweeping vocals and uplifting message will have you overcoming the worst of heartbreaks.


TALIA’s latest single War on Love is an angelic pop anthem and will have you feeling invincible while you’re dance through the streets.

Born in Adelaide, TALA began her career as a musician on The Voice. After loosing her mother to cancer, TALIA became a passionate dedicated songwriter, letting her emotions flow into song.

Since her time on The Voice, TALIA has hunkered down in the studio and focused on her song
writing. The result of which are some powerfully emotive, honest songs about love, abuse, betrayal
and ultimately survival and awakening.

War on Love is an anthem for all the down-trodden and broken hearted. It’s a reflection on an abusive relationship and a startling insight into overcoming and self-love. TALIA’s vocals soar over driving guitars and swooning synths creating an almost angelic feeling. You can’t help but feel invincible when listening to War on Love and that’s the point!

 The road to self recovery and awakening is detailed in the lyrics and TALIA has employed some sweeping pop orchestration to truly drive home, with emotive force, the importance of what she is saying. It’s a gorgeous examination on love itself and defines the need to be open with trauma in order to heal and overcome and TALIA has done this in a truly majestic way.

TALIA’s latest single War on Love is an essential pop anthem and will surely become a fan favourite. If only we had an album like this to dance to every weekend, we would be having one hell of a time.