Tame Impala issues ‘Seizure’ reminder after NZ gig

Tame Impala’s lighting effects caused seizures to a couple of audience members at a recent NZ gig, which prompted the band to issue a reminder to audience goers.

Performing over the weekend at Spark Arena, in Auckland New Zealand, Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker was the epitome of rock and roll cool, delighting fans with his irrepressible brand of psych-rock energy “Auckland it’s been a while. How fucking amazing is it to finally be doing this! Fuck it, let’s celebrate.”

And celebrate they did, with an impressive lineup of Tame Impala fan favourites, Elephant, Let it Happen, and Less I know the Better. The band is known for their ‘intense visuals’ and strobes were used for the track, Posthumus Forgiveness, which may have inadvertently triggered seizures among a couple of members of the audience.

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After the gig, the Tame Impala shared a statement via socials: “Hey guys, just a reminder that there are some quite intense visual moments in our show so please be careful if you think you might be sensitive to such things or susceptible to seizures.

Also if you see someone in trouble do the right thing by your fellow concertgoer and help them/signal for help. We can usually get help there really quickly. We’ve seen that making some space and making a path is really [sic] helpful (this goes for all kinds of medical emergencies.

There were a couple of people who experienced a seizure last night which were treated on-site by St John’s and thankfully were not major/didn’t need to go to the hospital. Thanks to everyone who assisted/helped.”


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