PREMIERE: Tantrum Fantasy channel sci-fi and fantasy in Marrickville Whalescape

Tantrum Fantasy frontman Paulie Clissold was just about to give up on music when his old friend Owen Elliot called him out-of-the-blue. He’d been thinking of the song Marrickville Whalescape and decided it was time to give the track an accompanying clip.

The only problem was he was due to fly out to New York in a matter of days. The clip was urgent, he said. The duo had a day free that weekend, so together jumped at the opportunity. The result can only be seen to be believed.

Marrickville Whalescape, the latest clip from Sydney-based outfit Tantrum Fantasy, is part sci-fi, part fantasy and a whole lot of fun.

Filmed in one shot on an iPhone, the narrative reveals the story of how an unexpected encounter with an old friend brought singer-songwriter Clissold back from the brink, just as he was about to give up on his career in music.

Clissold partnered with his estranged but longtime friend, filmmaker Owen Elliot to produce the clip, which was filmed last minute in one shot, only a few days before Elliot packed up his life and moved across the Atlantic for new prospects in New York City. The clip is stirring, tantalising and, at times, slightly comical. Check it out below:

The three original members of Tantrum Fantasy originate from Darwin. Kate, who rocks out on cello, and David, the band’s drummer played together in the Darwin Symphony Orchestra; David and Paulie met playing with the punk metal band that brought Tantrum Fantasy interstate. Kate moved to Amsterdam for a while until she returned to Sydney with her partner, Martijn, who now moonlights on guitars and keys. Chris, who plays bass, is the fifth and final member to make up Tantrum Fantasy.

Marrickville Whalescape is the first single to come out of Tantrum Fantasy in 2019 and has reignited the band’s musical flame. The new single is only the beginning of an exciting and eventful year for Tantrum Fantasy. Watch this space!