Tasche and the Psychedelic Roses share electrifying self-titled LP

New Orleans psych/glam rock/doo wop group unleash an energetic self-titled album, Tasche De La Rocha & the Psychedelic Roses.

Tasche and the Psychedelic Roses have returned with a dynamic, infectious new self-titled record, Tasche De La Rocha & the Psychedelic Roses, launched via Sinking City Records.

Across 10 riotous, evocative and effervescent tracks, the multi-genre collective effortlessly fuse elements of psychedelia, glam rock, garage and doo wop. Forged in the rhythm, joy, and despair of New Orleans, frontwoman Tasche de la Rocha emits a sound that is both contemporary and vintage.

Credit: Katie Sikora

Kicking off with Hook, an instant onset of spirited guitars, underscored by a fiercely-addictive beat, and foregrounded by Tasche’s passionate, commanding vocals reel you in from start to finish.

Transitioning into our personal favourite, Happy Song, we’re met with anthemic, distorted and bouncy guitar riffs, complemented by De La Rocha’s animated and fiery vocal stylings. As described by Tasche herself, “Happy Song is a murder ballad written in honor of survivors. Despite its gloomy subject, its purpose is to be funny and enjoyable to listen to, when in reality it resembles a tragic reoccurring story endured by too many.”

Credit: Katie Sikora

In just a few hours, Happy Song will have its very own music video, created by Sasha Solodukhina and Sarah Vandermeer. Described as a “nightly psychedelic wonderland in visuals,” it perfectly encapsulates the energy of the tune. According to Tasche, “the video is packed with terrific metaphors sewed together ruthlessly, tastefully, in full color.” 

Tasche and the Psychedelic Roses – Happy Song (Official Video) from Sasha Solodukhina on Vimeo.

Travelling down to Blue Window, we experience a change of pace and mood. Becoming enchanted by a medley of melancholic guitars, evocative vocals and poetic lyrics, this heart-igniting ballad will have you reaching for the replay button endlessly.

Tasche de la Rocha is a composer, guitarist, vocalist, band leader and producer based in New Orleans. Her rich poetic lyrics and penchant for musical innovation have earned her a solid following in the independent music scene of New Orleans and beyond. She has toured throughout the US and in Canada, England, Scotland, Germany and Italy solo.

Tasche swoons with wild abandon and channels feminist alchemy. Tasche De La Rocha & the Psychedelic Roses is a soundtrack for the moment – make out sessions, quiet contemplation, and fighting the demons around us. Stream the new album via Spotify below.