Taylor Swift countersues Utah theme park who tried to take her to court for copyright

Taylor Swift’s attorney has countersued Utah theme park, Evermore. Can Taylor catch a break already?

Another day, another lawsuit for Taylor Swift, so it seems. Taylor’s legal team have struck back at a Utah theme park, who attempted to sue the pop star for using the name Evermore. 

At the beginning of the year, the theme park attempted to sue Swift for trademark infringement following the singer’s release of her album Evermore late last year. The theme park claimed that Swift’s album and cover art infringed on their trademark.  

Taylor Swift
Photo: Isaac Hale/Daily Herald

In an absolute hair flip worthy moment, Swift’s team have countersued Evermore Park, claiming that the park has been profiting off Swift’s album by having workers dress up in costumes and singing Swift’s songs off of the album without a licence.

TAS Rights Management is the team behind Swift’s licensing and rights to her music, and are responsible for the lawsuit. Details of the lawsuit are complicated but have been summarised nicely by Variety. TAS explains that they were contacted by “a former Evermore Park volunteer and frequent patron of Evermore Park, advising of the unlicensed public performance of Artist’s music.” If the world has learned anything from this, is that Swifties are everywhere – do not underestimate the power that they hold.

According to TAS, multiple phone calls, emails, and letters were left, but Evermore Park only responded when they heard that Swift’s team was filing the lawsuit. Variety reports that Evermore Park owns the domain name evermore.com, and claim that when Swift released her album on the 10th of December, traffic on their site climbed by 330.4% – so isn’t Taylor doing them a favour then?!

It seems as though Taylor and her team can’t catch a break these days but, as the battle continues, we are pretty confident about who will come out on top.