TEAGAN’s latest single Feeling Good is a lo-fi breakup banger

21-year-old Melbourne singer-songwriter TEAGAN (Teagan Goh) has dropped her lo-fi RnB break up banger Feeling Good.

Her third standalone single a poignant statement full of mesmeric vocals and atmospheric, ethereal production.


TEAGAN’s Feeling Good is lo-fi RnB at its best, an outpour of the affirmations we use to push through times when we’re not feeling too crash hot.

TEAGAN worked alongside producer Spike Leo to craft the track, which she describes as “an analogy for pretending to be over something that clearly still bothers us.”

In Feeling Good, TEAGAN guides listeners through the emotional experience of heading out on the weekend in the post-breakup period when your head is a little further along than your heart.

The emotion behind the lyrics of Feeling Good allows her to display some seriously impressive vocal control. Paired-back melodies and seductive synths wrap the song into an impeccable breakup anthem.

TEAGAN has been finessing her style since mid-2017, darting between her bedroom studio and the lab to study biomedicine at uni.

Her debut single It’s Okay peaked at #5 on the triple j Unearthed charts. Feeling Good is sure to make an even bigger splash. After finishing up a festival run, TEAGAN is gearing up to bring the intimacy of her unique sound to the stage.