Tear up the skate park with the new video from Bloods What Do I Care

Skateboarding has to be the world’s coolest sport, because you can do it in jeans, it freaks out old people and all the hot guys in movies do it. It’s also been the subject of many music video’s before, but none quite like Sydney outfit Bloods‘ new clip. The trio have teamed up with Skateistan for the video for their new single What Do I Care, a non-for-profit organisation which aims to empower impoverished youth in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa through skating. Sounds amazing, right?

Bloods Skateistan

The new clip from Bloods What Do I Care shines the light on Skateistan and their mission to help empower children who need it the most.

The clip opens with the dry, deteriorated landscape of Afghanistan, before introducing the tiny voice of twelve year old Fazilla; “When I am on the streets I feel people questioning my right to skate. Their opinions are meaningless to me. I really like skating and I won’t stop”. Therein lies the importance of this organisation; Skateisan and the young people they foster are rebels, taking enormous risks by encouraging youth, especially girls, to take up a hobby just for fun.

What Do I Care sounds like it could be the theme song for the whole of Skateistan; not even two minutes of fuzzy, rushed punk in true Bloods style. It encompasses everything the organization is about, a brash tune about doing what you want and not listening to anyone else. When asked why they decided to affiliate themselves with Skateistan, drummer Dirk told us: “I personally used to skate, so I’ve always felt an affinity with the culture, but what Skateistan do kind of transcends all of that in that they are using skating to actually change people’s lives and make a difference to the world, which is something you can’t ignore”.

The incredible footage of kids skating on the streets of Afghanistan was captured by Skateistan, and when Bloods contacted them with the idea for the clip, “They liked what we do and gave us free reign to put something together using some of the footage they had already captured of these amazing kids”, says Dirk. The most startling thing about the video is the juxtaposition of the desolate landscape of Afghanistan against the smiling, laughing children on boards. The effect of Skateistan is evident on their happy faces who are just allowing themselves to be kids.

As for Fazilla, the young girl speaking at the beginning of the clip, according to Dirk; “She is now an instructor at Skateistan, and we think she is super inspiring and we hope to meet her someday”. When it’s so easy for bands to piece together live footage for a cheap and easy music video, Bloods have thought outside the box and collaborated with an incredible organisation that empowers girls and children where it’s needed most, while making a kick-ass video at the same time. Hopefully it’s the first of many local bands using their musical platform of film clips to support worthwhile causes, even if they’re on the other side of the world.

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