Teenage Engineering is working on Playdate: a handheld gaming system

Teenage Engineering is famous for lending it’s unique talents to a range of collaborative efforts. This time, they’re teaming up with software developers, Panic, to create Playdate.

Teenage Engineering has cemented a reputation for innovation in aesthetic and design over the last decade. Their debut product was the OP-1 synth and sampler, which has gone onto become a cult classic. More recently, the launched a range of Pocket Operators, a suite of synths, drum machines and samplers that can easily fit in your pocket. playdate teenage engineering hand held game

Playdate is a new handheld gaming system. It only takes one look to have it pegged as a Teenage Engineering design. Quirky, colourful and comes with a… hand crank?

Playdate seems to work on a subscription basis – sign up for a season and get 12 new games that land inside the device weekly.

There’s no confirmation on whether there’ll be any kind of musical input from Teenage Engineering, but with devices like the OP-1 and the Pocket Operator series in their resume.

And that crank? Well according to the developer’s website, “It flips out from the side, a rotating analog controller that puts a whole new spin on games.

It’s due to hit the shelves early next year. Stay tuned to their website as details emerge.