TEES are two sleeps away from rocking the launch of Happy Mag #2. Here’s what they’re listening to in preparation of the show.

Sydney electro connoisseurs, TEES are literally days from blessing our ear holes with their floating electro house at the launch of Happy Mag #2, and we’re far too pumped. While we’d normally be listening to some of TEES’ many bangers while sitting on a cotton candy cloud, or at a Sydney club, we wonder just what they’d be listening to in any of life’s many, more banal, scenarios.


Masters of dreamy electro house, TEES are no strangers to mood music. As such, their musical suggestions fit these every day scenarios like a cozy glove.

Here are a few common scenarios coupled with TEES pick for the perfect accompaniment. Songs for playing when:

Pre-drinking on a Friday afternoon

Definitely Fresh & Low New Life just to smooth the transition from sunset to jet black bliss.

Hungover house cleaning on a Saturday morning

Depending on how your feeling but maybe Patrick Swayze’s She’d Like The Wind if its a true struggle.

Drinking in the park on a Sunday afternoon

Hatchback’s Midnight Jogger would be fine indeed, a nice blend of  dream and drive to help you get ready for the week ahead. 

Getting your shit together on a Monday morning

Phuture’s Your Only Friend because what’s better then reminding yourself of whats to come?

Breaking the ice at your new girlfriend/boyfriend’s parents place on quiet Tuesday night 

Bruce Smeaton’s entire Roxanne soundtrack, ’cause some sexy sax can never go astray and then if that finishes lead onto some Dancing Fantasy.

Playing a mid-week set at a quiet bar on a Wednesday

Depends what you mean by quiet. I would play anything by Project Pablo quietly and turn it up then play Surface’s Falling in Love to get things higher.

Procrastinating at work on a Thursday

Probably Brian Eno’s Discreet Music album ’cause procrastinating would probably mean sleeping and that album would help you do just that.