Tees bottle cruisy happiness and say drink up in new track ‘Got The Feeling’

Dreamy pop is all that we could want it to be. The Tees in new track Got The Feeling, sparkle synths and deliver us a light and catchy one.

Dreamy pop is all that we could want it to be, smooth, ever so slightly unhinged and sparkling up a synth storm. Like a crisp sunrise after a bender, the new track from TEES delivers us a fresh one. Light and catchy, synths having a wild time just out of view and then busting it out in the middle of the fray, it’s a happening song that doesn’t demand every ounce of stamina. It arrives at the doorstep, no airs, no drama, just real happy to be in the present and bringing the good, good vibes.

Got The Feeling bottles it all up right, you feel you’re sip-a-sippin’ on some decent home brew that ol’ best mate brought to the gathering because he’s cool and he rolls like that. We got real excited because TEES are super down with bringing all them feels to Happy’s Issue 2 Launch Partay this evening!


The duo have consistently proffered forth tracks and vids, that while being gems of organised sound, have also unapologetically showed us how to go about life. In their track Live It Up we see TEES team fang it around Sydney on an open air bus, straight up, who does that anymore? #bringbacktheopenairbus, it’d do us all some good. They’re quenching their thirst with those coconut drinks you see tourists get but never dare to slurp back yourself, chill out on a median strip, they don’t need to break their neck getting somewhere real fast and lazing about in the pool with Olga the fake orca, not in captivity, having a whale of a time.

TEES are doing it for the music, they’re doing it for the people and they are most certainly bringing the feels. Cruising along your main commute path, Got The Feeling, why, it’ll have you bequeathing all your fellow chums with open mouthed grins, because it’s all damn well ok and synths that cute shall not be ignored.