Ten Questions with Netty Rose: Get to know Netty Rose and their ‘Beautiful Things EP

Netty Rose is the blues-rock band of the moment, and their latest EP “Beautiful Things” is a testament to that.

With Annette and Rudy Coviello at the helm of Netty Rose, this four-piece is no stranger to musical adventure.

In the lead-up to their Australian debut, we’re excited to get to know the band a little better. For Netty Rose, it’s all about the love, laughter, and musical synergy that kept them going through the EP’s creation. We caught up with the band and put together 10 questions, including their favourite track off the EP and what’s been inspiring them lately.

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Happy: What was your favourite part of recording the “Beautiful Things” EP?

Annette: My favourite part was probably spending so much time with the band and really seeing everything come together. There were days when we just couldn’t leave the studio. We all flow and work together so well, and know exactly how to lift each other up when things seem difficult. No egos, just music! There were so many laughs, so much understanding, and so much love while we were recording.  As a band we had a blast recording the record and I think it shows in the final product!

Happy: What is your favourite song on the “Beautiful Things EP? 

Jason: I think I’d have to say “Riled Child”. I think that song best showcases what the band is doing right now. If someone asked what sums up the feel of this record, “Riled Child” is it. 

Rudy: All these songs are close to my heart. I’d have to say “Free” is my favourite song though. This was the first song I wrote for this EP and it really helped create a sound for the entire EP that I wanted to keep. Bringing “Free” from demo to recording was the most fun I had in the studio with the band.

Happy: What was your favourite food making the EP?

All of us!: Food was really important while recording our EP believe it or not. Lunch at the studio always picked us up on those long days. There’s an abundance of great food here in New Jersey. We have some great Italian delis to go to but pizza here takes the win. For us, it was Buffalo Chicken Pizza! And it’s not even close! Now we are starving and need a slice!

Happy: Tell us about your song “Riled Child”?

Rudy: This song definitely has a vibe to it. Its dark and grungy but also fun and grooving. I always had the idea of our buddy Craig singing backup vocals on this song giving contrast to Annette’s voice. Every time we rehearsed it just seemed to keep coming together. It tells the highs and lows of living life at 100mph. Was definitely a lot of fun writing/ recording this one.

Chris: My favourite thing about Riled Child is the stylistic changes in the song. To me, the song encompasses everything, genre-wise, that the band loves. Eerie rock verses, blues rock/pop choruses, and a Texas shuffle blues solo section! The song takes you on a ride dynamically and the interplay of Annette and Craig’s vocals drives that tune home for us.

Happy: Tell us about your writing process? 

Annette: Writing for me goes one of two ways, most songs on this EP Rudy would send me a song and I’d start on my lyrics or melody. After that, we would find things that worked and gave us the sound/meaning we wanted our songs to have. Sometimes lyrics just flow through me. I remember sitting at my kitchen table writing “Drown”, the words just came to me naturally. Once the whole band gets together the full song gets arranged and finished which is always a collaborative effort. 

Jason: It all starts with the twins! Rudy and Annette bring us songs. Then Chris and I play the songs with them a bit. We will hash out arrangements together. There have been times where I might suggest a part to add in if something comes to mind. It’s very collaborative. We work well together. There is no ego in this band. We all try to serve the song. 

Happy: Tell us about your song “Come Back?”

Rudy: “Come Back” was the last song to be added to our EP and also means a lot to me personally. I wanted to have fun with it and write a kind of “love song.” It is much more pop-sounding than our other songs but I also wanted to keep a sort of rock and blues feel to it. As soon as I brought it to the band it immediately came together. It’s about the trials and tribulations of love we hope most can relate to. It’s knowing that love will always ‘come back’ to where it’s supposed to be.

Happy: How was shooting the music video for “Riled Child?” 

Jason: Oh, that was fun! Our amazing friend Laura did that for us. We had fun roaming around Annette’s property and being a bunch of goofballs. I also got to be Key Grip for the shoot! I felt like if I was to ever be a grip, then I wanted to be the Key Grip. MVP of Grips. Next time I’m demanding to be called Lord Grip.

Annette: SO MUCH FUN! Honestly, give me a day to get my hair and makeup done, dress up in fun clothes, and then just dance around as myself and it always makes me happy! I had a blast with the guys, they were troopers that day! Laura Olson was truly a dream to work with. She really brought the “Riled Child” vibe to life to video.

Happy: What do you think is different about the music in NJ/USA verses Australia? 

Collective: We all feel in general anywhere overseas people seem to have more of an appetite for all kinds of music than here in the US. Rock and Roll in our area is overlooked more than other genres. Seems like in Australia you not only love Rock and Roll but love all music, which is a sight for sore eyes for us. We are grateful to be featured down under and hope you enjoy our music as well!

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Happy: Who is your favourite member of Netty Rose? 

Annette: Really? Haha, I love all the guys so much, I would never be able to do any of this without them. There would be no Netty Rose without the combination of all of us.

Jason: Well, I’m not. I can only take myself in small doses. I’ll go with Buffalo Chicken Pizza. 

Rudy: I hate everyone in this band… Just kidding! I could never get any music done without these guys. They know how to get the best out of me all the time. They are all my favourites!

Chris: I’m not falling for this trick. My favourite band member is Goldie, Annette’s dog. She really gets me. Though I do love everyone equally in the band. 

Happy: What are you most looking forward to after the EP is released? 

Jason: Definitely shows. I love seeing what the crowd reacts to. You work with the songs for so long in the controlled environment of the studio. It’s nice to share them with a crowd and see how the music hits them.

Rudy: How can you choose? When writing the music all I can hope is that someone else enjoys it as much as us. So I’m just excited to share this music with everyone. Whether it’s playing shows or just sharing and listening to songs, I hope you can all have fun listening to us! Hopefully we can someday come and play in Australia!

Annette: I’m just so excited for everyone to hear the songs! This has been a few years in the works. The songs have so much meaning to me and we all worked so hard on bringing this certain sound to life.  When we finished recording, I remember listening and thinking, we finally got the sound I’d been looking for. That’s something I’m really excited for everyone to hear.  

Chris: I’m looking forward to everyone hearing the beauty that is Netty Rose. This being our third record I feel we’ve found what works for us as a band and what we want our music to really be. This record is special from top to bottom. We really labored over everything on it. From the music to the lyrics to the performing and final product.  I think everyone is truly at their best at what they do on this record. We hope that all translates to the listeners. 

Listen to Beautiful Things:

You can stream Netty Rose on all platforms and also watch their music videos for “Come Back” and “Riled Child” on YouTube. Their “Beautiful Things” EP was released on February 10th 2023. You can also find them on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook.


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