Texan family accidentally turns record breaking hailstone into a margarita

Texan family accidentally turns record breaking hailstone into a margarita

Cause for an early celebration. Texan family turn the largest hailstone in the state into margaritas before it could be verified.

On April 28, a colossal hailstone plummeted from the sky, landing in an unsuspecting family’s backyard.

Overjoyed with their find, the family quickly snapped a photo of the icy rock, uploading it to social media before using it to make margaritas.

hailstone texas hondo record breaking supercell storm 2021
Image: KSAT.com

However, another enormous hailstone fell around Hondo simultaneously on April 28 and was measured on May 6.

After a 3D scan of the rock, scientists from the State Climate Extreme Committee confirmed it as the largest in the state’s history.

Despite the new record, they believed that the hailstone was larger in the photo compared to when they measured it.

According to the committee, the hailstone formed during a supercell thunderstorm and was roughly the size of a melon – weighing in at 1.26 pounds, with a diameter of 6.4 inches (16 centimetres).

It appears that experiencing a hailstorm in Texas is commonplace and something to be celebrated – a rite of passage.

Both hailstones were true Texas bama’s – “never have an issue getting ratchet and turning up” (Urban Dictionary, 2016).

One of them, containing an aura so enigmatic that it clearly compelled the family who discovered it to make cocktails and get rowdy.

The Texan hailstone landing, knowing very well that it’s about to make headlines:


In a comparative study, the icy melon outshone its hailstone counterparts, which are typically the size of a quarter in “severe” hailstorms, according to the National Weather Service.


The supercell storm that produced our Texas bama’s ran from northern Mexico, Del Rio to Texas, Hondo before withering away in San Antonio for a “golf-ball-size” hailstone finale.

hailstone texas hondo
Image: Weather Channel

The impressive chunks of ice produced by the supercell not only smashed records but also severely damaged vehicles, trees, and trailer park roofs.

Winds from 80 to 110 mph propelled the mighty hailstones on their path of destruction.

I guess the damage is a small price to pay for saying your city claims the biggest ice rock in the state!

If you’re curious to see what a time-lapse of a supercell storm with hail looks like, watch below: