18 Republican states file lawsuit calling for Supreme Court to declare Trump the winner of the election

Once again, Trump lemons refuse defeat, as 17 states support the Texas lawsuit requesting to throw out Biden’s win in the recent US election.

Seventeen states have rallied behind Texas’ stunningly desperate attempt to overturn President Joe Biden’s election win, in a new lawsuit that proves that parts of America are still deeply committed to the circus that is Trump’s reign.

On Tuesday, an amicus brief was filed by the 17 states in support of Texas’ motion to overthrow Biden’s presidential victory in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan.

Trump Lawsuit
Photo: Reuters/Carlo Allegri

The starkly obvious attempt to undermine the masses and place the former-president back in his unrightful spot has the full support of 25 state Republican Attorneys General in 18 states. And if that wasn’t enough, the lawsuit was originally filed by the Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has been hit with charges by the FBI for corruption allegations.

The state of Missouri brought the amicus brief to the court, followed by Alabama, Montana, Nebraska, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kansas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, West Virginia, South Dakota, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Utah.

The case has been deemed ridiculous by law experts, who say it’s highly unlikely that the lawsuit will make it to a hearing. Nevertheless, the Supreme Court has ordered the four states targeted by Texas to respond to the case by Thursday 3 pm.

The details of case contend that election officials should not have been allowed to change voting rules, despite Texas’ own Governor Greg Abbott extending in-person voting rules by executive order during the election. The case further asks that mail votes received after the election day should not be counted. A hypocritical sentiment, to say the least, considering two backers of the bill, Kansas and Mississippi, currently accept late mail-in votes which were posted prior to the election.

This is not the first attempt by Trump’s posse to flip the election in his favour. Already, the Trump administration has lost 51 out of 52 cases brought to the court. In almost all the cases, Trump’s gang has failed to provide any real evidence of the widespread voter fraud, the gaggle has continuously alleged as the cause of Biden’s win.

Yet, on Wednesday, Trump took to Twitter to announce all the other cases were neither here nor there – that it was the Texas case that would get him over the line.

While many Republicans raced to back the order, the Texas solicitor general was absent from the case file.

However, not all Republicans are backing the horseshow. The office of Georgia’s Attorney General Chris Carr, said in a statement, that the Texas case “was constitutionally, legally, and factually wrong about Georgia.”

Election law expert has condemned the feeble lawsuit, calling it “utter garbage,” and describing it as “a press release masquerading as a lawsuit.”

If that’s not all from the Trump parade, the former-president prudently announced that he will begin his 2024 campaign during Biden’s inauguration.

Well done Trump, once again you’ve exceeded our expectations in being the world’s biggest ignoramus, well done.