The 25 best music videos of 2015

With the New Year in sight there is a lot to look forward to now it’s December. Star Wars, beach times, fireworks, Christmas…Star Wars. One thing that we’re pumped for is looking back on the best of what this year had to offer, and one of those things is music videos. There have been a few dumb ones, a few boring ones, but man, there have been some killer clips as well.

From the visually trippy, to the DIY masterpiece, to those so sexualised you’d immediately regret watching with your Nan, we’ve had some visual gems grace our screens over the last year. The Happy team put their heads together to decide which 25 were the best, and after mush deliberation these are the music videos that made us hit that replay button repeatedly.

20 best videos of 2015

Have a spare half an hour free? Then indulge in the 25 best music videos to be released in 2015. Babes, gorillas, and weaponised chilli, what’s not to love?

Emily – The Eversons

Over the top, melodramatic and cheesy as hell, The Eversons made sure you’ll never look at chilli the same way ever again.

Gone Cold – Gareth Thomas

Zombie heartbreak is the worst kind, especially when your heart can literally fall out.

Oh Loretta! – Sex On Toast

The number one track on everybody’s sex playlist.

Fig – Rooms

A clip that was several years in the making, what came together was a brilliant fever dream of knights, damsels and raves.

I Can’t Cope – The Leers

The ultimate send up of ‘random’ hipster videos, directing duo THUNDERLIPS out did themselves with this one.

The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala

The inspiration for your girlfriend’s sudden gorilla fantasy.

I Pay My Tax – The Meeting Tree

We’re not sure which is funnier, this clip or Joyride telling Chet Faker to blow him at the ARIAs last week.

M.O.B – Tkay Maidza

Anyone think there should be a scene in Star Wars sound-tracked by this song?

Adolesence – The Murlocs

Let’s face it, at some point in our lives we’ve all been faced with a landscape of day old pizza and video games in your parents basement.

Dead – Darts

Murder! Blood! Barefeet! This clip captures the manic intensity of Darts better than anything.

Kim’s Caravan – Courtney Barnett

In contrast to the jovial elements of Pedestrian at Best and Dead FoxKim’s Caravan is a stark and beautiful piece of film that illustrates Barnett’s storytelling prowess.

If I Have To Wait – The Pinheads

Aliens don’t want to take over Earth mate, they just want to share a tinnie in ya shed.

 My House – Mangelwurzel

If there’s one image of Mangelwurzel that springs to mind then it’s from this clip. Frenetic, crazy and a whole lot of fun.

Zond – POND

The only nightmare you don’t want to wake up from.

King of the Internet – The Stiffys

It’s your boys The Stiffys, doing what only cool boys can do.

Beeping – Polish Club

Not a single computer effect was used for this clip. Just stop motion and a lot of photocopying.

Reiterate – TTTDC

Tony Abbott on a dickhead rampage, much like in real life.

Black Panda – Koi Child

The Beastie Boys vibe is strong with this one, and a sneaky Nick Allbrook cameo goes a long way.

Your Low – DMA’s

This Ren and Stimpy meets Felix The Cat, and man it is awesome.

Pareidolia – Urtekk

If your first reaction to this is “What the fuck did I just watch?” we won’t blame you.

Open Yourself To The Sky – Upskirts

The animation in this clip is amazing, major props  to director Hannah Dougherty. Also, Nick Stillman’s facial expressions in this looks like he’s coming while taking an eye exam at the optometrist.

Pretend You’re Mine – Pearls

Leopard sex. That is all.

Father Hu$$la – Ecca Vandal

Raw and visceral, this is the explosion that is Ecca Vandal.

Don’t Dry Those Tears – Jack Colwell

Suitably dramatic and a great celebration of the male form, the only tears you’ll cry is those of joy.

Walk With Me – Cosmos Midnight

Huskies, scooters and street dancing for the win.