The Ancients

If you haven’t heard of The Ancients just yet, let me introduce you to the band you should put at the top of your next Sunday morning chillout playlist. Hazy, dazy and kinda lazy, the Melbourne quintet gives us dreamlike indie pop melodies that let you unwind and explore limitless aural landscapes.

the ancients melbourneMelbourne’s The Ancients are celebrating freedom in their tale of Molokai, making you want to burn your ID and cash, and take off on the open road.

Led by guitarist and vocalist Jonathan Michell, formerly of the well named Mum Smokes, The Ancients have seen a diversified group of musicians come and go since their conception in 2009. Featuring an ever-changing lineup, The Ancients are currently comprised of drummer Julian Patterson, bassist Georgina Ward, guitarist Hamish O’Neill and keyboardist Sophie Perillo, who join Michell, the band’s founder in their delectable psych pop gems.

The Ancients invite us to take a ride on the Night Bus, a vivid auditory journey which guides us from sprightly Chaos and Futility to darker Bad Weather, ending our travels at Jenny Street, a track punctuated with guitar solos aplenty. The lead single from the psychedelic pop outfit’s third album, Molokai is a six-minute expedition across a panoramic guitar symphony.

Dispersed with dreamy vocals, majestic instrumentals and crashing waves of synths, you’ll get lost in the haze of instrumental dreamy euphoria. New single Hey Now is one of The Ancients’ catchiest, boisterous and playful with its textured layers of psych rock sensibilities. Moving slowly but steadily, as buses usually do, The Ancients’ Night Bus is a strong and captivating offering from Melbourne’s psych-poppers.

Make sure you check out Molokai’s sweet vid for a tribute to American highway life, with bikies cruising, outdoor camping and some weird nunchuck action. If this weird video doesn’t make it clear just how cool The Ancients are, you better get listening because trust me, you don’t wanna miss out.

Night Bus is out now through Chapter Music.