The Aussie pub made famous by David Bowie in 'Let's Dance' is for sale

The Aussie pub made famous by David Bowie in ‘Let’s Dance’ is for sale

Anyone interested in buying a pub? The Carinda Hotel, made famous by David Bowie in 1983, is now up for grabs.

Bowie’s video for Let’s Dance features the pub in all its glory, and the space where the video was filmed remains untouched to this day.

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A slice of history is currently up for sale in the form of The Carinda Hotel, the pub featured in the iconic music video for Let’s Dance by David Bowie.

The pub is situated in the Aussie outback, in the small farming town of Carinda, New South Wales, and it’s currently up for sale for around $220,000 AUD. Not bad!

The hotel has also honoured Bowie by leaving his filming space completely untouched. It’s a little piece of iconic history.

The ad reads: “The position in the film clip that David Bowie stood is unchanged to this day and has even been brought back to life by owner Malcolm to the way it was that day! Floor and all!”

Ironically, Bowie chose the outback Aussie setting for his video in an attempt to respond to and battle the issue of racism.

“As much as I love (Australia), it’s probably one of the most racially intolerant in the world, well in line with South Africa,” Bowie revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone in 1983.

Nevertheless, the town of Carinda also hosts an annual Let’s Dance Festival in celebration of the song.

If you’ve got a few hundred grand to spare, the ad for the pub can be accessed here. Good luck!

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