The Australian Women in Music Awards have announced their 2019 speakers and hosts

Yumi Stynes (broadcaster, podcaster and writer) and Alethea Beetson (Kabi Kabi + Wiradjuri artist and producer) have both been named as the hosts of this year’s Australian Women In Music Awards taking place at Brisbane Powerhouse from 8-9 October.

Alongside them, Tamara Anna Cislowska, NGAIIRE, Clare Bowditch, Cheryl Barker, Katie Noonan and Melinda Schneider will all be making appearances.

The hosts and speakers of the Australian Women In Music Awards have been announced and the lineup is jam-packed with a bunch of talented women.

The 2019 keynote speaker has also been announced as Eddie Ayres; a musician, broadcaster, writer and trans man.

Speaking of Ayres, AWMAs’ Founding Executive Director Vicki Gordon said:

“Our 2019 keynote speaker, Eddie Ayres, is part of a hopeful vision for the future of women and diverse people in positions of power and creative control.

Because we are at a crossroads of dynamic possibilities for inclusivity, AWMA’s vision is to lead with generosity, to insist that our society benefits when musicians and those who work with them are empowered from a diversity of places, cultures and identities.”

The AWMA Forum Program has also been announced, with Kween G, Mernia Marin, Rhianna Patrick and Dr Eve Klein leading the panels.

The program includes VISIBILITY IN HIP HOP – Women On The Front Line, THE ART OF REBELLION – The Intersection of Music & Politics, IMAGE MAKING – The Changing Face of Music and HOW OPERA FORUM – Identity, Representation and Privilege.

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