The best (or worst) trainwreck interviews of all time

Rock stars: is there anything they can’t do? Pampered, preened and often many hours without sleep, what’s a humble rock star to do but ruin a TV reporter’s day by creating a classic trainwreck interview.

It’s not that we’re completely devoid of sympathy for these rock ‘n’ roll celebs—dealing with the same questions all the time on seemingly endless press tours would be enough to tip anyone over the edge. But the reporters have it pretty tough in this list.David Bowie trainwreck interviews

Warning: the very best (by which we mean the very worst) interactions between reporters and celebrities are here. Check out these cringeworthy trainwreck interviews.

In this hall of fame, we have a mid-’80s incarnation of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who did have a reputation for being pretty wild at the best of times and one of the many Ozzy Osbourne interviews in which he grapples with the question of “how are you still alive?

‘Number 3’ from Slipknot isn’t hanging around for anyone, neither is Queen‘s Brian May and KISS are just taking the piss. David Bowie just lets Dick Cavett do all the talking, while Don Lane does his best to get into the mind Tom Waits. And James Brown? He’s just “out on love”.

Check out the collection of trainwreck interviews below: