Berlin transport operators are asking people to stop wearing deoderant

The BVG, a transport operator in Berlin is calling for its commuters to forgo deodorant in an effort to entice people to cover their noses with face masks.

In Germany, wearing face masks in shops and on public transport amid the coronavirus pandemic is compulsory. Failure to comply results in heavy fines, however, many people are still wearing the mask incorrectly, only covering their mouth and leaving their noses exposed.

bvg, masks, deodorant

The BVG posts declaration of “deodorant waiver” in Twitter post encouraging travellers to cover their noses whilst wearing a face mask.

In a bright yellow Twitter post uploaded by the BVG on July 1st, the company encouraged travellers to wear their masks properly on public transport.

The transport operating company is known for creating other satirical advertising campaigns in the past.

Scrawled across the top of the ad in German the company states, “Given that so many people think they can wear their masks under their noses, we’re getting tough,”. 

The bottom of the post reads, “So, now do you still want to have your nose out?”. The post so far has gained over 1.5 thousand retweets and 6.5 thousand likes on Twitter alone.

The ad was posted on various social media platforms including Twitter with the caption, “You leave us no choice.”