The Cranberries close the curtains forever with new song In The End

The Cranberries are back one last time, dropping their new track In The End. This is the title track of their upcoming final album, and spells the end for the iconic Irish band.

Following the shock death of singer Delores O’Riordan back in 2018, the band have announced that this coming album will be their last. In The End is set for release later this month, and if it’s anything like this track we’re in for a treat.


The Cranberries have released the title track for their final album, In The End, a song so full of feeling and emotion that it perfectly rounds out their incredible career.

While fans thought O’Riordan’s passing would mean the end for the band, they revealed that they had enough of her vocals to release one last album. However, following the release, they would close the curtains.

“The Cranberries is the four of us, you know?” guitarist Noel Hogan explained back in October. “Without Dolores, I don’t see the point of doing this, and neither do the boys.”

While they’ve been dropping hints for a few months, this new track rounds out the album and feels like the perfect note on which to close that chapter.

“What a way to finish the record. To have In The End as the last song is just perfect,” drummer Feral Lawler explained in a statement.

Hogan added, “I think the band accomplished a lot, and I think we’ll leave it on a high with this album.”

Give In The End a listen below.