The Cure re-record an old B-side specifically for hit TV show Luther

Thirty years after its release The Cure have re-recorded A Few Hours After This, the B-side to 1985 Cure classic, In Between Days, specifically for the Christmas episode of hit BBC show, Luther.

a few hours after this

“I have been an obsessive fan of The Cure since I was 13,” said Neil Cross, creator of the show. “After we had finished shooting the second episode of this special, I phoned the producer and said there is this really obscure Cure track – an extra track on a 12-inch single called A Few Hours After This – which I have always loved and think it would really go.”

Cure frontman Robert Smith was not willing to lend the original song to Luther, so instead he re-recorded a completely different version for the TV show.

“Long story short,” Cross explained, “we contacted Robert Smith and he re-recorded the song. That was one of those moments where I wanted to hijack the Tardis and go back and see my teenage self and say, ‘One day…’”

Compare the two below:

And the original.