The Cure bassist Simon Gallup replaced last minute at Fuji rock – by his son

The Cure bassist Simon Gallup called upon his son Eden Gallup to step in at Fuji Rock Festival after he was forced to sit out the show due to a “serious personal situation”.

When things go wrong before a show, artists often have to scramble to find a replacement. Luckily this time, Eden Gallup came straight to the rescue. Maybe there’s a point to having children after all.

Robert Smith and the rest of The Cure decided to go ahead with the Japanese gig on Sunday without their bassist, to avoid disappointing their fans.

In a statement, the English rock band said: “A serious personal situation affecting our bassist Simon arose after the Paleo Festival show on Thursday, and as a consequence, Simon was unable to travel with us to Japan.”

“Very reluctant to disappoint our wonderful Japanese fans, and after much discussion, we decided to go ahead with our Fuji Festival headline on Sunday.”

While the personal issue Gallup faced was not disclosed, the band promised Simon will be back on stage in August for their Moscow gig as well as the rest of their Summer dates.

The band added: “We’re very grateful to Ed for reaching out across the generational divide to help us out, and join him in welcoming his dad back for our seven remaining summer festival shows.”

The Cure headlined Glastonbury in June and are set to release their first studio album in more than a decade.

Speaking about the album, Smith said: “We’ve enjoyed it and we’ve just recorded a new album for the first time in 10 years.”

Although the band have finished their new album, the highly anticipated record is not titled and has no release date as of yet.

It must have been a surreal feeling for Simon’s son Eden Gallup and a proud moment for his father and the rest of the band. Years of teaching him the bass has totally paid off.