Linking up with The Dead Love on their Ordinary tour? Bassist Clint Ossington has some advice

After a massive year on the job in 2017 that included a tour with Grinspoon and their huge single Sugarcoat, Sydney’s The Dead Love are back in force with new jam Ordinary.

It picks up right where they left off, with mighty mighty riffage and a chorus that’ll make you howl like a werewolf. As they kick off the official Ordinary  tour up the east coast, we caught up with bassist Clint Ossington for the latest.

the dead love clint ossington

Been jamming to The Dead Love’s latest track Ordinary? Before you catch them on tour, learn what the track’s about straight from the horse’s mouth.

HAPPY: Hey Clint, been too long since we last had a chat. What’s been happening?

CLINT: Yeah why’d you never call us back?? Thought we had something special! Ha!

Just writing tunes and taking them as many places as we can, we’ve been fortunate enough to play with some of our favourite Aussie bands and do some touring in North America since we last spoke, it’s been fun!

HAPPY: Ordinary’s been out there around a month now. You psyched with how people are taking it?

CLINT: Yeah it’s been rad so far, it wasn’t a tune we played much live prior to releasing so it’s really cool to have people into it and familiar the first time they hear/see it live.

HAPPY: It’s a jam. Mind sharing what it’s about? Seems like there’s something pretty serious hidden under all that riffage?

CLINT: Firstly it’s cool you’ve taken a minute to listen and realise there’s more to it then “NAH NAH NHA NAH NAH NAH NAH” so thank you… I’m not going to go too deep but in short it’s about being comfortable to talk to people if you’re battling depression or having issues with your mental health.

As a band that’s struggled internally with some of before mentioned issues, Ordinary is a positive voice about screaming it’s ok to feel shit and it’s ok to say so and seek help!

HAPPY: It’s a short one too. You’ve kept everything pretty punchy so far, when’s your Stairway to Heaven gonna hit the shelves?

CLINT: Haha, I think we dabbled in that on our first album Transitions.

HAPPY: You just knocked out the first show on the single tour. How’d the new tune go down with them?

CLINT: That was with Tired Lion who fucking rule (I mean Fresh  has got to be one of the best songs written since I dunno) so it was super cool because their crowd seemed to be across The Dead Love as well, they get loose in the GONG and we love that shit!

HAPPY: I saw you’re supporting The Chats in Brissy. What’s it feel like, rubbing elbows with Aussie music royalty?

CLINT: Haha, we’ll get back to ya post show aye.

HAPPY: Speaking of royalty, you’ve toured with both Cold Chisel and Grinspoon at this point. What did you learn as a band, watching those fellas hit the stage you’d just played?

CLINT: It’d be nice to not have to load your own shit all the time!! Nah on a serious note watching Grinners every night flawless was sooooooo good! Supporting a band that’s been around the traps so long, seen and done so much that’s so chilled was super inspiring and we were stoked even to be a small part of. Fuck they sounded huge!!!

HAPPY: Next stop on the tour is Sydney. Any words for the hometown crowd?

CLINT: Come.

HAPPY: Good advice. Thanks for the chat!


You heard the man. Join The Dead Love on their Ordinary tour – dates below. Tickets available here.

March 9 – Waywards, Sydney, NSW
March 11 – The Lass O’Gowrie, Newcastle, NSW
March 15 – Crowbar, Brisbane, QLD (with The Chats)
March 16 – Mo’s Dessert Clubhouse, Gold Coast, QLD
April 19 – The Crown & Anchor, Adelaide, S.A