The death of iTunes: here's everything you need to know

The death of iTunes: here’s everything you need to know

Live from San Jose, Tim Cook and the Apple team addressed an audience of over 6000 people. These people, if not on “scholarship”, paid a hefty $1599 sum to attend this year’s conference.

iTunes has been killed off, as our predictions have anticipated. In place of the age-old program, Apple aims to filter fans to Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV.

So why get rid of our beloved iTunes? Let’s just say that Apple Music has overtaken iTunes in speed, performance and accessibility.

But you’re probably anxiously thinking, “what happens to my iTunes collection?”. A fair question. Every song that you have purchased, burned, imported and ripped will be a part of Apple Music when you upgrade your OS to Catalina. Phew.

Perhaps the best way to explain it is, Apple Music is growing in increased functionality, enabling you to burn CDs. For those of you on windows, iTunes will continue to work as is.

This year’s presentation also placed a huge emphasis on privacy. I wonder why?

iOS 13 raises an Apple account integration with websites and apps looking to connect your social account.

Furthermore, Auto-generated email accounts allow you to generate a fake email address to an application, to better conceal your identity.