Apple are finally killing off iTunes

Apple is reportedly looking to dissolve its iTunes application to nourish the growth of individual movies, music, and podcasts applications. This move is indicative of a broader commercial transition for Apple, reflecting a downturn in hardware sales.

From a user standpoint, the move is a no brainer. Masses are rapidly shifting to digital streaming services (RIP the days of BitTorrent and LimeWire), for their music needs.

As of 2019, Apple Music has 28 million paid subscribers, while Spotify has 26 million. On a broader level, Apple Music has 56 million global active users, while Spotify has 191 million.

Naturally, some are disappointed by the move. For old school Apple users, the eradication of iTunes is symbolic. It represents the fading one of the pennants of the bursted-dot-com-bubble age, 18 years ago.

Change is never unitarily welcomed with open arms, and inevitable obsolescence is a part of the life cycle of technology products.

This news comes in light of a class action lawsuit against Apple for issues pertaining to data privacy.

We anticipate an exciting Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) this Monday 3 June. There have been rumours of the implementation of a wide-scale dark mode on all Apple devices with the arrival of iOS13.

My dream (and unlikely prediction) would be to see Apple announce that they are reimagining the Apple logo in a Bauhaus style.