Stardust’s 1998 hit Music Sounds Better With You is getting a vinyl reissue

Making a comeback from the top of the 1998 house charts is Stardust’s lone single Music Sounds Better With You, going out on 12-inch vinyl and streaming services this June 28th.

One of the most beloved house tracks of the past two decades, the re-issue of this iconic collaboration will keep us in the Southern Hemisphere dancing all winter long.


Re-issue of the house music favourite Music Sounds Better With You by the ephemeral trio Stardust to be released on vinyl and digital June 28th.

Music Sounds Better With You is the result of a night at the popular Rex Club in Paris, where Daft Punk co-founder and instrumentalist Thomas Bangalter, electronic artist Alan Braxe and singer Benjamin Diamond came together to compose an original piece for the gig.

A creative partnership had already formed between the first two; Braxe had released his first single Vertigo on Bangalter’s French Label Roulé earlier in the year. The trio then formed for the gig in Paris, deciding to make something new for the evening. Featuring a funky guitar sample from Chaka Khan’s 1981 Fate, the track was later recorded in Bangalter’s studio and released in July 1998 through the Roulé imprint.

A true one-hit wonder, the Stardust trio never produced anything else together, leaving behind arguably one of the best house tracks as their legacy.

The re-issue of Music Sounds Better With You is coming out through independent record label Because Music and pre-orders are now available online.

Check out the original magic in their video clip below:

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You [OMV] from Kaleidozkope TV on Vimeo.