Customers sue Apple over data privacy issues

Apple faces a federal class-action lawsuit by customers claiming that their iTunes data was sold by Apple to third parties.

Three users from Michigan and Rhode Island (Trevor Paul, Jill Paul, and Leigh Wheaton), claim that Apple has been selling private information relating to the music that customers purchase from the iTunes store.

According the lawsuit, which was filed a few days ago in California’s Northern Federal District, the data includes full names and home addresses of its customers, together with the genres, and in some cases, the specific titles of digitally-recorded music that its customers have purchased via the iTunes Store and then stored in their devices”.

It suggests that Apple “profits handsomely” from this unauthorised sale of customers’ personal listing information, at the cost of its customers’ statutory and privacy rights.

The parties emphasise Apple has engaged in this behaviour despite “touting its supposedly pro-consumer positions on issues of data privacy” through its advertising campaigns. Not to mention, its famous Vegas billboard which proudly boasts the slogan, “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone“.

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