What will the iPhone 64 look like? Brian Blomerth has us prepped and ready with his ‘Trippers Guide’

The iPhone has pretty much revolutionised the way we function, but when will it end and where will our addiction take us? Cartoonist Brian Blomerth has imagined a new ‘trippers guide’ to the impending iPhone 64 to make sure everyone is woke.

Using a highly skilled and unique method of drawing directly in ink with Rapidograph pen and a coloured combination of Photoshop/transparencies and Sumi ink, Blomerth’s cartoons are as visually wild as the messages they hold.

“iPhone 64 (User’s Guide) is a real simple/silly little book that’s part ‘dumb’ hypothetical ideas on the future direction of the Apple Computer company and part drug guide. A panic attack disguised as an Apple advert.”

Blomerth is pretty convinced that the guide is accurate: “I could be 100% right. So get a copy, put it in your drawer and then call me in 50 years on your new iPhone 64 to demand a refund if this User’s Guide doesn’t work”.

We’re pretty loyal to our Apple products over here that this guide will no doubt be stored away and kept for the next half century, to be dusted off when the time is right.

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Via It’s Nice That.