Strange, meet Stranger: Twin Peaks welcomes Nine Inch Nails to the Bang Bang Bar stage

In case you’ve been lost in an isolation tank for the last six months, you’ve probably realised that Twin Peaks: The Return has been screening. The long-awaited followup to David Lynch’s cult TV program is back and more bizarre than ever… we’re loving it.

Each of the episodes so far has been bookended by a live performance, the show bringing in some top-notch bands to cover the segment. Episode 8 was the latest, and welcomed none other than Nine Inch Nails into the fray.

nine inch nails twin peaks episode 8 trent reznor

Strange, meet Stranger: episode 8 of Twin Peaks: The Return welcomed Nine Inch Nails to the Bang Bang Bar for a blistering live performance.

Trent and the posse performed She’s Gone Away for the show, from their 2016 EP Not The Actual Events. It suits the Twin Peaks sonic palette like a glove, opening with droning synth noise and remaining nice and creepy throughout.

Interestingly, they’re introduced to the stage as “The Nine Inch Nails”, rather than simply Nine Inch Nails… take that as you will.

Check out the performance below.

Previously Reznor scored Lynch’s film Lost Highway, and in 2013 Lynch directed Nine Inch Nails’ film clip Came Back Haunted.

Via Pitchfork.

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