Dereck Lin uses an iPhone and office supplies to create surreal, miniature works of art

Derrick Lin is a strictly iPhone-using photographer who meticulously captures the everyday nuances we take for granted, and turns them into tiny, delightful pieces of art – figuratively speaking.

“An observer of the tiny moments of agency life, figuratively speaking. iPhone only.”

Lin immortalises the significant subtleties of everyday life across a series of office landscapes, ranging from notebooks to coffee mugs.

“A bittersweet, comic rendering of everyday office life in miniature, intricately staged tableaus that are by turns laugh-out-loud funny or gently philosophical.”

Lin’s series of works ranging from everyday office life to recreations of iconic artworks have been accumulated in his upcoming book, Work, Figuratively Speaking: The Big Setbacks and Little Victories of Office Life.

Lin manages to capture the pains and pleasures of modern office life, from the joy of an unexpectedly slow day to a boozy office birthday party, a backstabbing colleague, and the agony of waiting on a new freelance gig.”

Even difficult moments are shown in a way that makes them lighter, more relatable, and unexpectedly funny.

The project began as a creative challenge in 2014, and his Instagram featuring the images has gained a steady following.

Lin aimed to bring a lightness to the seeming mundanity of an office job and has created a universally relatable series for anyone in a corporate environment to enjoy.

“Universally appealing, this book will resonate with anyone who has ever held down an office job—from those sitting down at their first desk to cubicle veterans.”

Via Colossal.