Digital Comics Museum is offering over 15,000 comics to download for free

The Digital Comics Museum is offering up 15,000 pre-1959 comics for free browsing

The site moderators behind the Digital Comics Museum, one of the largest collections of comics worldwide, are offering the chance for keen fans to download over 15,000 pre-1959 comics, all for free.

The collection is so extensive if you read one comic from the site per day, it’d take you over 20 years to finish them all. That’s massive.

Via the Digital Comics Museum

The Digital Comics Museum has opened their extensive archive of over 15,000 titles for comic fans to enjoy for free.

While the archive is devoid of many popular comic icons, namely characters straight out of Marvel and DC, it features a plethora of lesser-known comic heroes and genres, including romance, Westerns, combat, crime, supernatural and horror.

The comics featured in the archive provide an interesting insight into American culture in a time of war and conflict. Many of the titles reflect US anxieties about World War II, the war in Korea and the Cold War between the US and the USSR.

The Digital Comics Museum does ask users to register before they download any files, but don’t worry – registration is free, and for now there is no limit on the number of comics one can download.

If you’re a bit overwhelmed with where to start, check out the Archives and Collections section, where notable artists have each been given the spotlight.

Check out some titles below:

Tom Mix Western. Via The Digital Comics Museum


Via the Digital Comics Museum


Via the Digital Comics Museum


Via the Digital Comics Museum


Via Open Culture.