This website streams the best underground radio stations from around the world

If you’ve ever wondered what underground radio from Ukraine, India or Argentina sounded like, you’re in luck. Curious listeners from around the world will now get the opportunity to access public radio globally.

The first of its kind, Underground Radio Directory is a curated platform of independent radio stations from the most niche-y corners of the world.

underground radio
The Lake Radio, Copenhagen. Photo via Underground Radio Directory

Underground Radio Directory gives curious listeners from around the world the chance to travel sonically from one place to another in the space of a minute, all without leaving their seat.

The site currently features stations from 53 different cities in 28 different countries across (almost) every continent. We’re yet to discover what goes down on radio in Antarctica…

Happy staff favourites include Hotel Radio in Paris, deepbeep out of São Paulo and N10.AS from Montreal.

The site features small synopses of every station on the site, so you can read a little about them while you’re listening. Underground Radio Directory also includes an I’m Feeling Lucky option for when you’re game enough to let chance make its magic. The site is open for submissions and will continue to increase in size the more it is used.

The site is comparable to RadioGarden, an interactive map visually not too dissimilar to Google Earth that displays every radio station currently on air.

Check out the website here, you might discover something.

Via The Vinyl Factory.