The Drones release video for Taman Shud

Following their recent tenth anniversary tour for their album Wait Long By The River And The Bodies Of Your Enemies Float ByThe Drones have released a video for their latest single Taman Shud.

The Drones tropical fuckstorm studios

Tamad Shud was inspired the mysterious death of a man in South Australia in 1948. As the band explains in a statement “In 1948 a man was found dead on Somerton Beach in South Australia. The strange and baffling circumstances of his death have become one of the world’s greatest unsolved crime mysteries and have fascinated crime historians everywhere except Australia ever since. 

67 years later Right wingers rule the world uncontested because Left wingers earlier outlawed everybody’s right to call out people being assholes on the grounds that assholes also have the right to believe in the possibility of a Leftist Utopia in which nothing straight forward can ever be said. Taman Shud is the result of that delusion and proof to the contrary.

Taman Shud id the first single from the band’s forthcoming seventh album. Recorded at Tropical Fuckstorm Studios, the single was produced and engineered by Gareth Liddiard and Aaron Cupples. Directed and edited by Chris Matthews at Defero Productions, the video is a manic and surreal look at Australian culture.