The Funkoars return in fine form on Below Average

If you need to look for a place within Australia that produces some major talent within the hip-hop world then you need look no further then Adelaide. With artists like Hilltop Hoods, Tkay Maidza and Vents the South Australian capital is teeming with talent. One crew that absolutely has to be on your list of great Adeliadian hip-hop collectives are The Funkoars.


The Funkoars are back in fine form on their latest jam Below Average. Don’t let the name fool you, their infectious beats are better than ever.

Established in 1999, with members MC and producer Daniel Rankine (Mr Trials/ Trials), MC Adam Baker (Uncle Sesta/ Sesta) and MC Matthew Honson (Sketchy Hons/ Hons) Funkoars have been collaborating and creating music full of gritty beats and skilfully constructed rapped lyrics.

They released their debut album in 2003 entitled, Who’s Your Step Daddy with Peepshow Entertainment. The album didn’t hold back and really cemented The Funkoars within the hip-hop scene with its numerous pornographic references and confronting lyrics. What was really great about this album was the fact the crew didn’t hold back but merely exposed audiences from the get-go to their style and as a result saw a really positive response from the public. They ended up having a three-year extensive national tour off the back of its release.

In 2014 they signed with Golden Era Records and with the release of their fifth album In Case Of Emergency in the makings it is quite clear to see that there is just no slowing down for The Funkoars. Below Average is a single from the album that was released last week and takes a real vintage twist. Reminiscent of 80’s street sounds the track opens with a great beat and a creepy laugh that is juxtaposed by the sudden silence.

This then launches the track into full swing and your ears are greeted with a mix of tempo changes, witty lyrics and scratching. When listening to this single you can’t help but catch yourself head bopping and foot tapping along to the track especially when the piano segments are showcased. Whilst the lyrics might see The Funkoars refer to themselves “A fuck up and a let down” this track shows the trio are anything but.

Coinciding with the release of their single, The Funkoars have announced they are again going on tour. Their Below Average national tour kicks off in Brisbane in May and finishes in Adelaide with an all ages show in June.



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