The Furrs

The Furrs are one of the most progressive bands I have ever had the pleasure of coming across. Although they take their listeners back to the 70’s with their bluesy, rock n roll tunes, these Brisbane locals are super fresh babies and have only been around for a year.

the furrs

The Furrs are a five piece that met, like most important relationships forged between young people in 2014, at a party. In their own words, “we all just sailed on the same wave length”. And boy are we glad for that. These guys have been referred to as “the new revolution”, offering a fresh alternative to the Australian music industry.

It is Gabriella Joelle that lends her voice to the band, performing her chilling vocals. A particularly memorable moment in her songwriting can be found on Get On Your Horse – which is now on rotation at fbi radio- when she sings “We talk of revolutions, and praise our contributions, to the mediocrity, telling us what to be.”

The Furrs had their debut Brisbane show in October 2013, following their growing online presence and popularity that had begun many months prior. Following that major milestone, their debut EP, which recorded live in Uncle Monty’s Puzzle Basement (??), was released in November 2013. No wonder the overall sound was old fashioned and authentic. If you’re looking to catch these guys live, they’ll be playing alongside Happy favourite’s Babaganouj, at Turnstyle on Friday March 7, to raise funds to stop the Maules Creek coal mine. Go! Donate! Party!



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